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"We believe everyone has a code, a creed to live by." - Ben Riggs   


The state of the world these days has us all considering, what is the code or creed that we live by? Most of us were raised with a set of conventions or principles guiding our behaviour. Where are they placed now? What do we believe is right, what are our beliefs which guide our actions or our aims in life? How do these beliefs or aims impact our society and the lives of those around us?

Do we live boldly behind these beliefs? 

At Kings’ Creed we want you to get to know and understand “What’s your creed?”  

The Kings' Creed Wines by Ben Riggs


The Kings’ Creed is a call for all of us to lead our best lives – always making our world a better place. Whether your creed is to live life at full pace or simply to savour every moment, we honour your choice and encourage you to LIVE BOLDLY behind your chosen creed. 

Led by our winemaker, Ben Riggs – who has an unrivalled commitment to quality, we trusts that you will enjoy drinking our wine as much as Ben did making it. Ben is a Bushing King of McLaren Vale, a master of his craft – a legend of the region. This wine is a dedication to those who LIVE BOLDLY behind their choices of creed in life.


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